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Press Releases

Berkeley Lab

August 24, 2023  A team co-led by Berkeley Lab is studying the possibility of an air capture hub that uses multiple decarbonizing technologies and prioritizes needs of surrounding communities.. read »

Consortium wins $3 million...

August 11, 2023  The consortium of leading scientists, technology developers, and nonprofit organizations will study the feasibility of deploying innovative technology.. read »

Sulzer Chemtech

November 30, 2022  Sulzer Chemtech is strengthening its collaboration with Blue Planet to continue developing their highly innovative carbon capture and storage (CCUS) technology.. read »

David Gottfried Joins Blue Planet

October 28, 2022  Blue Planet Systems, a California carbontech manufacturer is pleased to announce the hire of David Gottfried as its first Chief Global Impact Officer. read »


September 27, 2022  Calpine Corporation (Calpine) and Blue Planet Systems Corporation (Blue Planet) have commenced operations read »


June 14, 2022  Holcim North America announces a financial investment read »


June 14, 2021  Sulzer, Blue Planet unveil CCUS collaboration for greener concrete

read »

Mitsubishi Corporation

Feb 05, 2021 Chiyoda enters MOU with Mitsubishi and Blue Planet to accelerate commercialization of CO2-sequestered aggregates. read »

Chevron Corporation

Jan 14, 2021 Chevron (NYSE: CVX) announces Series C investment in Blue Planet Systems read » 



Jan 6,2021 BuildingGreen Announces Top 10 Products for 2021 | BuildingGreen  read » 

Knife River Corporation

Dec 21, 2020 Knife River Invests in Blue Planet to Explore Synthetic Aggregates read »

Circular Carbon Network

​September 15, 2020 Blue  Planet  Announces Capital Raise of $10M to Fight Climate Change read »


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