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The Science

Our paradigm-shifting geomimetic mineralization technology uses CO2 from any source as a feedstock to create carbon-negative aggregate.

Blue Planet technology combines waste carbon dioxide with calcium sourced from waste, to manufacture synthetic limestone aggregate.

  • CO2 is safely and permanently stored  in aggregate

  • Process is Geomimetic®, meaning that it mimics the earth’s natural process of creating carbonate rocks or limestone 

  • The calcium source, referred to as Geomass, can be a range of materials:

    • Demolished/Returned Concrete

    • Cement Kiln Dust

    • Steel Slag

    • Fly Ash / APCr

    • Bauxite Residue

    • Silicate Rocks

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A Circular Solution 


  • Only inputs are waste; waste concrete and CO2

  • Waste concrete is used as source of alkalinity and calcium but also results in a byproduct of Upcycled RCA. 

  • Upcycled RCA can be used in structural concrete and at a higher replacement than of virgin aggregate than regular RCA 

  • CO2 capture solution is refreshed by exposure to geomass so consumption of chemicals is negligible and there is no process waste

  • For alternative geomass (steel slag, cement kiln dust) the Blue Planet process can produce a valuable byproduct such as SCM as well as valorizing what are often hazardous wastes. 


Blue Planet Advantage


CO2 from any Source

  • The Blue Planet process can work with CO2 from any source including:

    • Cement plants

    • Iron and Steel plants

    • Natural Gas power stations

    • Refineries

    • Direct Air Capture

    • Hydrogen/SMR

  • CO2 does not need to be purified or liquified, Blue Planet is able to utilize flue gas directly as well as pure CO2 from DAC or process streams.

  • Has been demonstrated on gas streams containing as little as 5% CO2. 


  • Commercialization of end products turns CO2 capture and sequestration from a cost to a profit center

  • Cost of both CO2 and Geomass inputs anticipated to be negative in markets with CO2 pricing and gate fee for industrial waste Geomass

  • Blue Planet technology is cheaper than a typical Post-combustion CCS project. No purifying, liquefying and or transport of CO2

  • By producing high value, high volume products Blue Planet's technology makes carbon capture and storage profitable without relying on a price for carbon.

CO2 is stored Permanently


  • While other carbon capture methods may store CO2 temporarily, the Blue Planet carbon storage is permanent - as in, forever.


  • Nature based capture solutions such as afforestation can be useful but the sequestration of CO2 is not permanent as land use could change or disease could wipe the trees out. 


  • With Blue Planet's method, even once the building reaches the end of it's life and is demolished the CO2 will remain locked up as a mineral in the aggregate .​

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